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iBurst Africa: Wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Mozambique Our history: iBurst Africa uses international technology to deliver mobile broadband internet services in Africa. iBurst Africa has been operational as a wireless Internet Service Provider in Ghana since 2007 and is now available in Mozambique, DRC and Kenya. Our mission To be the preferred gateway for data communication by offering innovative products, at affordable prices, with the highest levels of customer service, whilst building shareholder value. Reasons to choose iBurst Africa as your wireless ISP in Mozambique iBurst users worldwide have found that there are three main reasons to choose this technology. •iBurst Africa offers the speed of DSL in a mobile environment. Thanks to frequency interference reduction, users obtain stable speeds that are faster than other mobile Internet offerings. •iBurst offers a new kind of portability and freedom that traditional wired networks cannot offer. Within the area of the base station network closest to you, you can maintain this connection in an always-on mode. You no longer need to wait until you get to a location which provides connectivity. •Our pay as you go offering allows for simple, flexible top-up without being tied into a contract. Our traffic-based system ensures that you only pay for your traffic on the Internet not for merely the time spent online. In addition, our connect & go! vouchers don't expire. Empowering Mozambique: To date, iBurst Africa has invested 4 million US dollars into Maputo's wireless internet service to ensure superior coverage and speed in Maputo. This investment also brings significant benefits to uplifting communities by boosting economic growth. iBurst Africa’s corporate commitment of providing internet access to disadvantaged communities will be rolled out as part of iBurst Africa’s extensive CSI programme.

Address 24 de Julho Av., Maputo
Website http://www.iburstafrica.com/?c=mz
Support Phone +240.843568000
Sales Phone +240.843568000
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